Automatic Pool Safety Cover Considerations

An automatic pool safety cover is the one thing that every pool owner should invest in. Safety covers are necessary for peace of mind, but they can only give you peace of mind if they are being used. Taking a cover off and putting it back on every time you use your pool is time consuming and not very practical, especially if you are trying to do the task alone. Enter in the automatic safety cover. With the push of a button and less than a minute your pool cover can be put on or taken off. This is a game changer for pool owners. Not only will you have the peace of mind that children and pets won’t accidentally stumble into the pool, there are also time and money saving benefits to an automatic pool safety cover.

Saving you time

An automatic safety cover will save you time in a couple of ways. First, you won’t have to put time and energy into covering and uncovering your pool with each use. Second, you will save time on vacuuming and pool cleaning because having your cover on every time your pool is not in use will keep much more debris out of your pool.

Saving you money

An automatic safety cover will also save you money. Having a cover on your pool when it is not in use will significantly reduce: water evaporation, chemical use, heating costs, and electrical costs; which all equate to more money in your pocket.

There are a few things that you should consider if you are planning to invest in an automatic safety cover.

  • Size and Shape: The size and shape of your pool will have some bearing on whether an automatic safety cover is a good fit for you. Ideally, the cover will fit your pool with just a slight over hang so that it glides easily over the water as it comes off of the water and goes back on. The ease with which your cover moves has to do with drag and resistance. The drag of your cover involves how far above the water your cover sits. For the best drag, it is recommended that you have no more than 4 inches between the top of the water and the pool cover. You also don’t want too much resistance. Extra resistance is created when the cover is pulled across concrete. If your pool has a free form shape, this is something that you will need to consider. It is recommended that no more than 10% of the cover be dragging over concrete. Finally, if you have a pool that is over 24 feet wide, it will likely require special design and installation to get a properly sized automatic safety cover.
  • Switch Location and Drainage: Some additional electrical work and plumbing will go into the installation. The switch for your cover will need to be installed in a place where the entire pool is in full view as the cover goes on or comes off. The switch needs to be no more than 12 feet away from your pool. You will also need to install drain pipes that are at least 3” in diameter where the cover housing is to prevent flooding that might cause damage to the motor.

Although there are a few extra things to consider when installing an automatic pool safety cover, the benefits that one brings are well worth it.