Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

The short answer is, yes. While it’s more likely in the summertime, any day when the temps climb high is day when your hot tub could overheat. (And we all know days like that aren’t uncommon here in Florida!) So, how can you keep this from happening? Here are a few steps that can protect your hot tub’s filtration system from overheating in intense heat.

Lower Temps

Start preparing for super-hot days by lowering the temp of your hot tub. This may be all you need to do to help prevent your hot tub from overheating. Really! It could be that easy! Simply set your hot tub on a lower temperature like 98 degrees.  

Change your Filter cycle

Check and see what your filter cycle duration is set on. Set it to its lowest setting to prevent the pumps from running too often. This can cut down on how much heat your pumps are creating which will help reduce the risk of your hot tub from overheating. You could go even a step or two further by running your filtration cycle during the cooler times of the day. This will help prevent overheating, too. Opening your hot tub cover will allow heat to escape more easily, which can also assist in preventing overheating. (You really only want to do this on very hot days, though.)

Fresh Water

If your hot tub has insufficient shading, the sun shining directly on it can cause an increase in its temperature, too. Replacing a small amount of your hot tub’s water with cool fresh water can help reduce the temperature in your hot tub. Drain only a small portion of the water and use a hose to replace it with cold water. This should cool the water and help with the overall temperature of the hot tub.

If you continue to have an overheating problem with your hot tub after trying all of the above options, contact us for help.