Can Hot Tubs Prevent Illness?

When most people hear the word, hot tub, they automatically think of a place to relax. Some may even think of their favorite vacation spot. While these thoughts are correct, many people do not realize that using their hot tub regularly can affect their body in a very positive way! Did you know that your hot tub can help give your immune system a boost?

The ways in which hydrotherapy helps your body is quite fascinating! You may already be aware that relaxing in your hot tub helps your body deal with stress, insomnia, and much more! By ridding your body of those things alone, you are on the road to becoming much healthier!

Stress causes a lot of havoc on your body from the inside out. Stress is not just an emotion that is hard to deal with, it affects your immune system in a big way! The toll that it can have on your body is not only mental, but it also causes a decrease in your body’s production of white blood cells. White blood cells are the soldiers that attack viruses and foreign substances in our bodies. Without them, your body becomes more susceptible to viruses and illnesses.

Sleep is also a magnificent way in which your body keeps you healthy! While you sleep your body creates cytokines (more soldiers). They help your body fight inflammation and infections. Did you know that when you include your hot tub into your nightly routine, you sleep better? When you sleep better, your body is better equipped to fight sickness, stress, and illness!

I bet you are wondering how your hot tub does all of this in just twenty minutes? Essentially, it is very similar to taking vitamins. If you only take them when you get sick, are you going to reap the full benefits that are assured to you on the front of the bottle? Umm…no…but when you make it part of your daily routine, you will give your body everything it needs to be effective! Setting aside twenty minutes, three to four days a week, can make a world of difference for your immune system! A healthy immune system ensures you a much healthier, happier life!