Cloudy, milky, foamy spa water?

Cloudy, milky, foamy spa water? You aren’t alone. In fact, it’s probably one of the top water-related problems hot tub owners reach out to us about. The thing is, there can actually be a number of reasons why your spa water is less than pristine, and each reason has its own remedy.

Let us explain …

Cloudy spa water

…just isn’t the sparkling clear water you want in your spa. It might look like it has particles floating in it but they aren’t big enough to touch. There can be many causes including a dirty filter, messed up water chemistry, organic debris and other things. To solve the problem:

  • Check the filter. Rinse it thoroughly or clean it with filter cleaner. Replace it if necessary.
  • Check the water balance. Are the pH and sanitizer at correct levels? A high sanitizer level is a common cause of cloudy water.
  • Shock the spa with non-chlorine shock. This will often clear the water quickly, especially if you’ve cleaned the filter.
  • Use a clarifier. Clarifier clumps the small particles together so they can be filtered out easily.
  • Empty it. It’s a last resort, but if nothing else works, you can empty the spa and start over with fresh water.

Milky spa water

…is, well, milky. So much so that you can’t see the bottom of the hot tub. It can be hard to diagnose the cause, but these things may help fix it:

  • Check the filter, and clean or replace it if you need to. The filter is almost always the first thing you should check if there’s an issue with your spa water.
  • Check the water balance, paying close attention to pH and sanitizer levels. High sanitizer can make the water milky, too.
  • Shock the spa with non-chlorine shock.
  • Empty the spa. It’s the last thing on the list, but if nothing else works you may not have a choice.

Foamy spa water

…is a build-up of foam on the water surface. It can lead to a ring of film around the water line. It’s a reaction between body and cosmetic oils, and the water alkalinity. It’s also easier to fix:

  • Keep it from happening in the first place. Have everyone shower before they use the spa. Rinse bathing suits with water instead of washing them in detergent.
  • Use enzymes. These products, when added to the water, keep the reaction that causes foam from occurring.
  • Use anti-foam products. These are quick-fix products that will make foam go away; they don’t keep it from occurring.
  • Drain the hot tub and flush the system. Again, it’s your last resort but if you really have a foam problem you may not have a choice. Flush the system with a product designed for this purpose.

If you’re having trouble with your spa water, you can always bring us a sample for testing. We’ll diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution. We drain, clean and fill hot tubs, too – so if that’s what your spa needs, we’d be happy to help. Call us or stop by to learn more!