Covana Hot Tub and Swim Spa Covers

Looking for a way to take your hot tub to the next level? How about adding a Covana gazebo hot tub cover? Covana hot tub covers are so much more than simple hot tub covers, they can improve your entire hot tub experience.

Easy to use

Covana gazebo covers are fully automated. With the simple turn of a key, they lift the cover up where it forms the roof of your gazebo. No more struggling with heavy covers or finding a place to put the cover while your spa or hot tub are in use. Covana covers take the work out of the spa so you can simply relax and enjoy.

Low maintenance

Covana covers are made to stand up to even the toughest weather conditions. The innovative gazebo covers keep snow, ice, and debris out of your tub. Because the cover lifts directly up, there is no need to remove any debris from the cover prior to opening it.

Safe and Energy efficient

Covana covers are safe and energy efficient. The water tight seal created by the cover keeps heat in and cool air out. This reduces the cost of heating your tub, which can be costly. The cover securely locks in place to prevent any accidental entry into your hot tub/spa by children or animals.


Because they double as a gazebo, Covana covers offer a level of privacy that other covers simply do not. Some models even have retractable screens that can be pulled down to offer the ultimate level of privacy.

More enjoyable

With retractable screens and 20 second cover lifting, Covana covers make enjoying your pool year round easier and more enjoyable. Even the roughest winter weather won’t keep you from enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Covana gazebo covers are so much more than just a spa or hot tub cover. They will change your entire hot tub experience. In just 20 seconds your hot tub will go from fully and securely sealed to a private inviting oasis ready for you.

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