Endless Pool Fitness Accessories to Consider as Gifts

Everyone loves finding that perfect gift for their loved one that is unique, useful, and fun! If the person on your shopping list has an Endless Pool swim spa, look no further. This gift guide with accessories for swim spas, is sure to have the perfect gift.

Fitness accessories

Swim Tether sets are a must have for those new to swimming in an endless spa. All Endless Pool  swim spas come with an anchor that is perfect for attaching a swim tether. Swim tethers can help with form as you learn to swim in your new spa.

Rowing kits are a fun option to switch up your spa exercise routine. The rowing kit attaches to the spas anchors or pull bars that are already installed on the pool. This transforms your spa into a rowing machine that gives you a full body workout that is not only effective, but also fun!

Pace displays are great accessory for your spa. They can be programmed to show meters, yards, or percentages.

Water weights can also make a great gift. They are basically foam weights that use water resistance to give you a great workout. These weights come in different resistance levels, just as traditional weights come in a variety of weights. Water weights can really add to the workout that you are already getting in your endless spa.

General accessories

A towel bar is an accessory that is great for any spa. Having a place to keep your towel within arm’s reach and up off the floor, can be a huge benefit.

Whether you are working out or just relaxing, a side table for your spa is a very beneficial accessory. Everyone likes to keep a cool drink nearby as they exercise or relax.

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a great option too. Music is a fun way to get yourself pumped up as you exercise. A water proof speaker allows you to listen to your favorite playlist while keeping your phone or MP3 player a safe distance away.

Whether the person you are shopping for has just purchased their Endless Pool Swim Spa, or if they have had it for years, the gifts on this shopping guide are sure to be fun and functional.