Florida Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

At Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse, we recognize that a hot tub is a significant investment, no matter what model you choose or what dealer you buy from. We just want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for, so we hope these tips will help.

Use the Internet for Research…

… not for purchasing! The same goes for traveling “dealers” who are just passing through with a big-rig full of hot tubs. In both cases, you’ll have no one there to help you with maintenance or questions after the sale. They’re either trucking down another highway or an unseen email out in cyberspace.

A brick and mortar store in your area focused solely on the backyard oasis means you’re also getting true expert customer service with your investment. And we’re not talking box stores either. If you can buy light bulbs and trash bags there too, then the staff are not going to be experts by any means. And the hot tubs they offer are not likely built by industry leading manufacturers who know their stuff.

Check Up on the Dealer

But don’t buy from the first dealer in your area that you come across either. Be sure to check reviews on Facebook and Google . Take the BBB accreditation with a grain of salt because businesses pay for those. Their business rating goes down only if a complaint is filed with the BBB directly and deemed worth investigating (so that score it may not always be an accurate representation of the company).

You’re better off trusting real people on platforms where the business can only respond, but cannot delete the reviews (i.e. not just on their website). And their responses to these complaints will tell you just as much about the business. Ask for client references too and actually call them!

Find Out What’s Included

Make sure there are no hidden fees to your hot tub purchase. At Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse, we lay it all out on the table so you know exactly what you’re getting. But not every dealer does that when they advertise the hot tub price. Ask if delivery is included. Find out if you get any accessories — such as steps, a cover or a water maintenance starter kit — and, if not, you’ll need all of those things so find out how much more they will be.

Try it First

Once you’ve narrowed it down to your top hot tub models, make time to do a test soak. That way you can know from experience which is the best fit for you. It’s one thing to see all the bells and whistles on paper, it’s another thing entirely to experience them.

Our staff at Florida Spa & Pool would be honored to be your choice for a reputable hot tub dealer. Do your research first and choose what is best for you so you can be proud of your hot tub investment for years to come. We trust we’ll see you soon.