Get a better workout in a swim spa

It’s pretty well known that swimming is one of the best exercises you can do. Whether you’re a recreational swimmer or you swim competitively, it’s a low-impact exercise that uses nearly every muscle group in your body. When you swim, you strengthen your cardiovascular system, build muscle strength and endurance, and even reduce stress.

The problem is, it’s not really easy to find a place TO swim. Lap pools aren’t on every corner. And open-water swimming can be full of hazards. A swim spa can be a great investment in your health and wellness so that you can swim in the privacy and comfort of your own home, whenever you want.

But the great thing about swim spas is that they’re good for so much more than just swimming!

Resistance Training

A good upper and lower body workout includes resistance training. Doing these exercises in your Endless Pools or Swimcross swim spa means you can use the power of the current and the resistance of the water to simulate the results you’d get working out with weights – but with the support of the water, there’s less stress on your joints.

Running and Walking

With the addition of an underwater treadmill, you can add even more variety to your water workouts. You’re using the same muscles you’d use if you were running on land, but the water makes you nearly weightless so you save all the wear and tear on your joints. Plus, you get that same resistance boost by running against the water.

Recovery and Relaxation

You can’t talk about the benefits of swim spas without talking about a feature that makes them really special: the “spa.” Every swim spa comes with an area of hydrotherapy seats so you can use your swim spa just like a hot tub, too! Enjoy it pre- and post-workout to warm up those muscles and then to help kick-start that recovery phase. Or, from time to time simply enjoy the hydrotherapy area for the relaxation it offers. Why not?

If you want to invest in yourself, come see us. We can help you choose the swim spa model that’s right for you, and we can even arrange a test swim so you can try one out before you buy.