Hot Tub in The Villages

Yoga. Dance. Softball. Golf. There are so many reasons why a nice, long soak in your hot tub in The Villages would be a great way to ease your sore muscles. We know you love the way of life in The Villages, and a hot tub is a great addition to your home for your personal enjoyment and to entertain your friends.

Whatever your goals, Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse is sure to have the perfect hot tub to meet your needs. We help you find the right hot tub in The Villages that matches the Architectural Review Committee’s installation requirements. When you’re ready, we’d love to help you, too.

Hot Tub Options

The last thing you want is a hot tub that requires a lot of maintenance. At Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse, we carry Hot Spring Spas… known for their high quality and ease-of-use. From a 2-person corner style that’s perfect for tight spaces, to a large 8-person spa that can accommodate a crowd, we can help you choose the spa that fits your desires and budget.

Depending on the spa you choose, you can also enjoy features like lighted controls, cupholders and cascades, Bluetooth sound systems, targeted hydrotherapy jets and more.

ARC Requirements

Before you can install your hot tub, your plans must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee, known as the ARC.

Some things to consider as you’re planning your project:

  • Any decking you want to install to set your hot tub on must end 7.5’ from the back of your property, and 5’ from the sides of your property.
  • Your hot tub must also have a safety barrier. If it will be inside a screen room, that can serve as the safety barrier. If it will be outside, a safety cover on the hot tub can be the safety barrier.
  • If your project will require new construction, the ARC requires that it matches the existing theme of your home.

The ARC has a reputation of being fairly easy to work with. Architectural Review Manuals are available on The Villages resident website, broken down by district, if you’d like specific information about the guidelines you will need to follow for your hot tub project, and in general.

Choose Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse

You probably looked at several retirement communities before deciding The Villages is where you were meant to be. Now that you’ve decided to add a hot tub to your retirement dream, you could invest a lot of your precious time running all over town, comparing companies and spas. But you don’t have to! Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse specializes in matching our customers with the perfect spa at the perfect price, backed by our integrity and knowledge – not just of the products we sell, but of The Villages’ and the Architectural Review Committee process. We’re your partner, and we’re here to help. Stop by today.