Hot Tub Sanitization Options: Salt vs Chlorine

For a more natural way to sanitize your hot tub, many are turning to the Ace Saltwater System. But, is it better? Let’s take a closer look a Saltwater vs. Chlorine so that you can make the best decision for your hot tub experience.

Bromine & Chlorine

In a nutshell, bromine and chlorine are both chemical compounds for killing bacteria and germs that can grow in your spa water.

Chlorine oxidizes contaminants collected by your filter; whereas, Bromine ionizes pollutants in much the same way.

Chlorine is typically cheaper; however, it has a rather high pH value. Therefore, you may need to be a “backyard chemist” managing the different chemicals.  Also, some experience skin irritation or harsh chemical smell.

Because of the simplicity of use, most are choosing bromine. Plus, the sanitizer is mild and not pH dependent, unlike chlorine, you won’t have the chemical balance issues.

For those trying to save a little money or forget to add sanitizer regularly, chlorine may be your best option. On the other hand, those with sensitive skin may need to spend a few extra dollars for bromine.

The Ace Salt Water System

Unlike any other system, the Ace system cleans your spa water differently. By using a patented diamond electrode, the system breaks apart the water molecules creating a powerful oxidizer called Active Oxygen.

After the water is clean, the active oxygen will pair with the salt to create the chlorine sanitizer. So, what does this mean? The Ace System will only produce chlorine after the spa water is clean, unlike other systems, the Ace may take a day or two before getting a chlorine reading. But, that’s perfectly ok, it only means your saltwater system is working for you.

Benefits of the Ace System

  • Softer water
  • Sparkling clear water
  • Fewer products
  • Saves time
  • Eliminates dry skin, irritated eyes, or chlorine odor
  • Environmentally safe

For more options about the best sanitizer system for your lifestyle, contact Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse.