How to pick your Hot Tub: Value vs. Features

Do you expect to use your hot tub alone or as a couple? Then again, perhaps for therapeutic reasons -then consider a more intimate spa. On the other hand, if your family plans on joining you or for recreational purposes, you will need more spacious seating like the Hot Spot Rhythm Spa.

Hot Tub Prices

Generally, the bigger the price tag, the bigger the hot tub. Larger hot tubs require more material and more massive pumps to power the jets. They will also need more space in the delivery truck.

Just remember what pleases the eye may not be pleasing while hot tubbing. The best value-priced hot tub models will have excellent performance with fewer bells and whistles.

Low-Level Prices – $2,500 – $4,000

Entry level hot tubs are more minimalist with features and options, such as; with less lighting, small seating capacity, weaker jet system, fewer control options, and more simplistic design.

Most are a plug-and-play, therefore, allowing you to plug into an existing electrical outlet with no additional wiring or upgrades. Low-level spas are perfect for those on a budget because they allow you the pleasures of soaking without profoundly hurting the pocketbook.

Tip:  Most people buy hot tubs for three main reasons: relieve pain, relax, or entertain. So, understand why you’re buying a hot tub before you start shopping.

Mid-Level Prices – $5,000 – $8,000

Mid-level priced hot tubs feature modern engineering technology for the hot tub owner with optional upgrades.

Be cautious when looking for value-priced hot tubs, some come with enticing features with poor performance, and others offer quality performance with few or no features. For example, a value-priced jet may feature multicolored lighting or a high jet count with reduced water flow.

Tip: Wet soak before you buy!

Upper-Level Prices – $9,000 – $12,000 

If you are looking for little extra pizazz, the upper-level spas offer some premium features, such as; energy-efficient, water care options, higher jet count, control system options, comfortable interior, and beautiful exterior.

Tip: When making a decision on which hot tub you should buy, consider the durability and life expectancy of your hot tub.

Luxury Prices – $13,000+

Most luxury hot tubs are equipped with all the above features along with the most extensive warranty protection. High design, low operation costs, maximum comfort, minimal maintenance, and efficient operation. When buying a luxury hot tub, you have a variety of custom options for personalizing your spa according to your needs and desires.

Tip: When deciding which hot tub is best for you, consider the quality and value. Luxury spas may cost more; however, the better features, hydrotherapy, and the energy efficiency will save you money over time and the rewards far outweigh the cost.

Buying a hot tub should be an enjoyable experience, make sure you share with Florida Spa and Pool Warehouse all your desires and needs. Thus, helping us to serve your needs best.