How to place your hot tub, perfectly

Now that you’ve made your spa choice, there are some more, pretty big decisions you need to make, too. Like where you’re going to put it. Choosing the ideal location for your new hot tub is a blend of practical considerations, and what you desire from your hot tub experience. Here’s what you need to think about:

The Delivery

When your new hot tub arrives at your home, the crew has to have enough room to maneuver the spa into position. Your hot tub’s pre-delivery instructions should include the dimensions, so you can pretty easily map out the path the crew will take on your property, and measure if there’s enough room to get the spa through.

Keep in mind, too, that if the measurements are close, you can do things like temporarily remove doors, gates and sections of fence to allow your hot tub to be installed. Crane delivery may be an option as well.

Structural Support

When filled, hot tubs are heavy. It’s very important that the place you’re wanting to install your new hot tub can structurally support this weight. Outdoors, we recommend a 4” thick concrete slab. If you’re installing your hot tub indoors, like in a sunroom, it’s important the sub-floor be made of a similar material and thickness. If you want a deck installation, we recommend checking with a structural engineer.

Water and Power

There are two things you need to use your hot tub. Otherwise, it’s just a big, pretty box: power and water. Wherever you choose to install your hot tub, be certain it’s accessible to water so you can fill it and that power is nearby (or can be run to the spa by a licensed electrician).

Comfort, Privacy and Convenience

You want to install your hot tub in a location where it’s easy to get to, enjoyable to use, and private. If it’s a long distance from your home, or in an area where the beating sun might make using it uncomfortable, you’ll be less likely to enjoy the benefits of your hot tub. If your hot tub is tucked into an uninspiring corner of your yard with a view of the trash cans and the utility panel – well, that just doesn’t sound very nice, does it? Try to place your hot tub where you’ll have the best view of your property.

You also don’t want your neighbors, no matter how much you like them, staring at you while you soak. If your yard doesn’t offer natural privacy, consider constructing a privacy screen, installing landscaping, or adding a Covana cover with privacy panels.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t be – we’re here to help! Stop by the showroom anytime and we can help you understand exactly what’s needed to make your spa installation a success!