Hydrotherapy Education – what it is, how you benefit, etc.

Hydrotherapy 101

Wondering about hydrotherapy? How to use it, what the benefits are?

What in the world it even IS?

Well, you’re in luck. Class is in session.

In a hot tub, the heat, massaging jets and buoyancy from the water all combine to create hydrotherapy. Remember that, and you’ll be sure to earn an easy “A” this semester.

First up – history class: People have used hydrotherapy for thousands of years to heal all kinds of ailments, from aches and pains to diseases. The ancient Romans and Greeks, Egyptians and Japanese, all used forms of hydrotherapy.

Next – science: Today, we know hydrotherapy helps reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, ease the symptoms of arthritis and back pain, and more.

Are there any questions?

“How?” you ask?

Well, buoyancy reduces your body weight, easing the pressure on your muscles and joints. Heat from the water dilates your blood vessels, increasing blood flow and healing sore or damaged tissues. But it’s the massaging jets where the real magic happens, relaxing your muscles and improving your circulation. Plus, it feels amazing.

Hey – you’re doing great! Regular teacher’s pet, you are.

Now, your homework assignment: Want to improve your sleep? Soak in your hot tub for 15-20 minutes every night, an hour or two before bedtime. Looking to ease your aches and pains? Take a dip whenever you need to, whenever it’s convenient.

Ok, class – it’s time for your final: Proceed to Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse for the best hot tubs in The Villages. Stop in. Look around. Choose the model that’s right for you, and start enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy today.

We told you this class was easy.