Jacuzzi or Hot Tub – Which is Better?

Funny you should ask that question, because the answer isn’t going to be what you expect. See, society has a tendency to let brand name saturation transform expectations of what a product actually is. When most hear “Jacuzzi” they imagine something likened to a hot tub, but expect some significant differences. That’s just because we’ve been led to believe that Jacuzzis are a stand alone product.

But in truth, Jacuzzi is nothing more than a brand of hot tub. It’s not a separate industry of product, but just the name of one manufacturer in a whole industry. Think of it this way: when you think trucks, you have a generalized picture in your head of what the expectation is, then you examine manufacturer brands to find your best fit, such as Ford, Chevy and Dodge. Jacuzzi is just one in a dozen or more manufacturer brands of hot tubs.

So we want to encourage you to investigate the manufacturer, of course, but also all the features and benefits that come along with the hot tub options available. Here at Florida Spa & Pool Warehouse, we’ve done our research looking for hot tubs that are favorable in quality, offering a variety of options for varying budgets and needs. And we’ve chosen to back HotSpring spas.

For starters, HotSpring offers hot tubs in a large variety of sizes to fit your needs, seating from three to seven people. Additionally, HotSpring prides itself on a relaxing warm hydrotherapy experience with a one-of-a-kind jetted massage features and an innovative water care system that secures energy efficiency.

Name recognition is important, but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Do some research and really look into what hot tub brand is the best option for your needs and desires before making your investment. If you need some help exploring the HotSpring brand, we’re happy to answer your questions via phone or at our showroom so we can show you, in-person, impeccable customer service and a top quality hot tub product.