No, more hot tub jets aren’t necessarily better.

When you’re hot tub shopping, there are a lot of things to consider. How many people the spa will hold, the seating configuration, the overall size of the spa – plus the fun stuff like entertainment systems, lighting, waterfalls and more.

And the jets. You’re sure to consider the jets.

But here’s the thing – it’s very easy when you’re comparing hot tubs to get caught up in jet counts. When actually, it’s quality over quantity that matters more than anything. Let us explain.

What’s the main reason you’re purchasing a hot tub? It’s for the hydromassage and the great benefits that come from that, right? The stress relief, the improved sleep, the soothed muscles. The hot tub that’s going to give you the best hydromassage will have the right amount of high-quality jets in unique configurations designed to target those “hot zones” of tight muscles, pain and stress.

You’ll find some of the best jets on the market today in hot tubs manufactured by Hot Spring Spas. From the ComfortControl system that lets you set the strength of your massage, to SmartJet that allows you to direct power only to the jets you’re using – Hot Spring makes spas with quality jets, placed just where you need them.

Consider the exclusive Moto-Massage DX jet. This unique jet provides powerful streams of water that sweep up and down your back, soothing your sore muscles. (Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?) Most Hot Spring Spas include not just the Moto-Massage jet, but also precision jets designed in clusters to target your back, calves and neck; and directional jets that can provide targeted relief with adjustable nozzles.

So, yes, you can find hot tubs on the market today with more jets. But when you look closely, you’ll realize that more isn’t better. And when you’re investing in a hot tub, you definitely want BETTER.

Questions? Come see us – we’d love to help you choose the hot tub that’s perfect for you!