Rekindle the Romance – Plan a Hot Tub Date Night at Home

Life is so busy these days. With all of your commitments sometimes it seems hard to find the time to eat, much less spend quality time alone together.

Don’t wait for a special day to slow down and enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone. Just go ahead and plan a romantic date night in. Rekindle the romance. All it takes is a little ingenuity and your hot tub from Florida Spa and Pool Warehouse.

Build the Excitement

Don’t just ask your loved one to join you. Make it special with an invitation that will help build excitement for an evening of romance.

What: A romantic evening under the stars
When: Saturday night
Where: Our Hot Spring spa

Just bring yourself and a smile.

Set the Mood

Create a romantic scene. You’re rekindling the romance, remember? Plan to have refreshments on hand, like special chocolates and fresh fruit. Purchase your favorite bottle of wine or champagne, and serve it in shatter-proof glasses. Or, if you prefer, serve a special non-alcoholic drink. Just be sure to have a wine chiller or cooler nearby to keep your drinks cool and refreshing.

Use your favorite music service to build a romantic playlist. Classical music and soulful R&B are excellent choices, but anything your partner enjoys will work. You can play music straight from your phone, use your spa’s Bluetooth sound system, or your home sound system if it has speakers wired to your hot tub’s environment.

Don’t forget the lighting! Scented candles can really add to the romance, and the lighting features on your spa can help create the perfect ambiance. If your hot tub is indoors, be sure to dim or turn off the lights. If it’s outside, let the moon and the stars provide a romantic glow.

Relax and Reconnect

Slip into the warm water with your partner and rest in the contoured seats. Adjust the jets for your comfort, and let your spa ease away your stress while you reconnect.  Be sure to have a couple of warm towels, cozy robes and slippers handy for when your romantic date night at-home is complete.