Staying Active After 50 with a Swim Spa

The older we get the more important our health becomes. Unfortunately, getting older means that exercising becomes harder to accomplish. Your body just doesn’t move the way that it used to. Your joints ache a little more and it’s hard to find the motivation to workout when everything hurts. An Endless Pools swim spa is ideal for those over 50 who still want to exercise, but would like to do it without all of the aches and pains.

When you are in water approximately 90% of your body weight is being supported by the water. That means there is virtually no impact to your hips, knees, and other joints. There are actually several forms of exercise that can be done in your swim spa.

Cardiovascular Exercise

One of the most important forms of exercise for those over 50 is cardio exercise. Making sure your cardiovascular system is performing at its peak is so important. Obviously, swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, but your swim spa can also be a great place for you to walk or jog on an underwater treadmill. This a great solution for those who enjoy walking, but are plagued with joint pain.

Strength Training

Face it, the older you get the weaker your muscles get, but spending hours lifting weights at the gym just doesn’t hold the same appeal as it used to. With water weights, your swim spa can double as a place for strength training as well. Water weights use water resistance to provide the same type of workout as traditional weights, but they eliminate the strain on your muscles and joints.


Flexibility may not seem as important to you these days, but being flexible means that your body has a full range of motion. A full range of motion is much more appealing since aging also means that our bodies become stiff and some movements that used to be done without a thought now have a nagging pull. Using your swim spa for flexibility through water yoga or other flexibility exercises will help you maintain a full range of motion so you can continue to enjoy all of the things that you love.

If you are over 50 an Endless Pools swim spa is a must-have for maintaining your health. Come see us at Florida Spa and Pool Warehouse. We can help you find the perfect swim spa to keep your heart healthy, fit, and flexible.