Summer Hot Tub Party Tips!

Hosting a Fantasy Spa party is much like any other party, except everyone gets wet. Whether you invite a few close friends or invite a full house, your hot tub party will be a splash. With these think-ahead party tips, you will enjoy your party as much as your guests.

Hot Tub Party List

  1. Invite – It’s best to send invitations out two-weeks before the party date; mail, e-mail, text, or a phone call are all acceptable forms of an invite.
  2. Decide on a theme – Set the mood with candles, patio lighting or torches. If mosquitos are an issue, don’t forget the mosquito netting or citronella.
  3. Plan your menu – Possibly cold dishes or party trays for easy assembly. Be sure to place your order with your local deli or bakery.
  4. Party games & activities – Everyone loves party games and activities, so make sure you have plenty for everyone to participate in the fun.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Properly balance the pH levels in your hot tub the night before, plus test the water to confirm proper sanitization. You can pick up a test kit at your local hot tub and spa dealer.

Cleaning Supplies
  1. Testing strips
  2. Alkalinity adjuster
  3. Sanitizer and shock chemicals
  4. pH adjuster
Testing Instructions
  1. Dip 1 test strip
  2. Wait according to instructions on the kit
  3. Compare the colors swatches on the stick to the color swatches test kit

While checking for alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer make sure you follow all the instructions on your home test kit.

  • If test readings indicate adjustments needed, correct it according to the test kit instructions.
  • By chance, more than one chemical is out of balance, only correct one issue at a time waiting several hours before administering more compounds.

Proceed to test again before adding additional chemicals, making sure further treatment is needed.

Continue shocking your hot tub weekly, removing all the icky organics and contaminants from the spa water.

So, that’s it – You’re all ready for your summer Splash in your Fantasy Spa!