Swim strokes that are perfect for your swim spa

Do you hear it? It’s the theme music to Rocky and it’s playing in the background while you’re gearing up, preparing for an awesome workout in your swim spa.

You put on your swimsuit and slap that swim cap on like it’s nobody’s business.

On go the goggles. Let me get a look at you. Yep – you look fierce. And you’re ready.

Hear the music yet? It’s getting louder while you walk – no, strut – your way out to your swim spa. The cover comes off and you take position, ready to dive into a dolphin kick …


Swim spas are great. They’re a great place to exercise, can simulate an open-water swimming experience, include soothing hydrotherapy massage seats and are a great place for family fun. But you most certainly, 100 percent CANNOT dive into one.

Hey – don’t let it destroy your groove. Your swim spa is still plenty big enough to allow for all kinds of swimming, like these strokes:

  • Breaststroke – The breaststroke involves moving both your arms and legs in circular motions at the same time, but not breaking the water’s surface. It’s an easy, slow stroke that’s good for your legs, arms and chest, and helps your coordination.
  • Sidestroke – The sidestroke can help you strengthen the muscles on your sides, but you have to make sure you give equal time to your right and left.
  • Front Crawl – The front crawl works your arms and back, can help your improve your swimming speed. It’s a simple stroke, too – just remember to time your breaths.
  • Butterfly Stroke – This stroke is similar to the front crawl, but you spin your front arms so quickly that your check lifts out of the water. It’s a fast stroke and wonderful exercise. You’ll really feel it in your core when you’re done.
  • Backstroke – The backstroke is a good resting stroke, and since you’re on your back, your head is above water so you don’t have to worry about breathing. If you do switch to the backstroke during your workout, be sure to slow down the speed of the swim jets.

Follow your workout with a relaxing session in your swim spa’s hydrotherapy seats, and you’ll be getting the absolute most from it. Just remember – NO DIVING. (After all, didn’t we just prove you don’t need to, anyway?)