The perfect deck for your Hot Springs Spa

With spring on its way, people start turning their thoughts to their backyard projects. If a deck for your new Hot Springs hot tub is on your project list, you want to be sure that you are building a deck that will be as perfect as your hot tub. Here are some things to consider.

Choose the hot tub first

Many times, customers come in with their deck plans looking for a hot tub that will fit into the plans that they already have drawn up. The problem with this is that not all hot tubs come in the same size. In addition, hot tubs have different electrical and pump requirements which may require different placement than what was accounted for in the plans.

Think about added equipment

In addition to thinking about the electrical requirements for your specific hot tub, you will also need to account for any additional accessories that you may want with your hot tub, like a cover lifter, additional stairs, handrails, or storage boxes. Thinking about these things, prior to having your deck plans drawn up will save you a lot of disappointment in the future.

Consider the placement

The perfect view is usually the first thing that people consider when deciding where on their deck they are going to place their hot tub. This should certainly be a high priority, but there are a few other things that go into a perfect placement. You will want to think about privacy. You will also want to see if there is any place that could provide a natural windbreak. A windbreak makes for a more enjoyable hot tubbing experience. It also can help save on your utility bill by preventing the water from cooling due to the wind.

Plan for installation

If your hot tub is going to be partially sunk into the deck, you will want to be sure that the deck is not finished before the hot tub is delivered. Occasionally, deck builders will want to pre-cut the hole for your hot tub so they can finish the project and be on their way. This is not the way the project should be completed. More often than not there will be problems with the hot tub installation with this method which could lead to the deck needing to be recut and a finished project that is a far cry from what the owner hoped for. So, be sure to complete the project in the correct order.

The bottom line is that adding a hot tub and deck to your yard is a big undertaking that needs to be done correctly to ensure a quality finished project. If you are ready to begin your spring project, make Florida Spa and Pool Warehouse your first stop. We can help you plan a project that your family will enjoy for years to come.