What Ailments is a Hot Tub Good for?

Long before there were pharmacies or even doctors, hydrotherapy was used as a source of healing for the wealthy and even the everyday commoner. In the Roman Empire period, the public baths were used to treat everything that may have ailed you or your family! Now, centuries later, we are just relearning the value that lies beneath the waters of hydrotherapy! Many people don’t realize the powers of healing that their hot tubs hold beneath its warm embrace. Here are three common ailments that are relieved by the use of a hot tub.


Having stress in your life can reek havoc on your body! Relaxing in your hot tub for as little as 20 minutes can change your stress level! It’s true! Taking a quick soak in your hot tub will increase the dopamine that your body creates, which helps your brain process things a little differently.


Before reaching for a bottle to help you fall asleep, try relaxing in your spa! Try to plan for twenty minutes at a temperature between 100-104°.Try to relax in your hot tub at least two hours before your normal bedtime! The warm waters in your hot tub will slowly warm up your core. This step is essential because the warming and cooling of your core actually helps reset your brain. Having a warm core causes your body to produce endorphins and serotonin. These are the natural ways that help you to fall asleep.


Did you know that your hot tub can help reduce your inflammation? It’s true! Set aside a half an hour time to soak and relieve the overwhelming pain that accompanies your arthritis. Set your hot tub temperature between 92-100 degrees Fahrenheit and feel the inflammation leave your body!

The list keeps going on and on. Hot tubs are the new public baths but are in the comfort of your backyard! If you are consistent, you will see the difference after only a few times! Sit back and enjoy as your hot tub helps assist you to become a better you.