What is the Perfect Temperature for Your Hot Tub?

Hot tub owners everywhere are on the fence about this question. While health professionals are in agreement that 104 degrees is the highest, safe temperature to enjoy your hot tub at…everything else is up in the air. So, what is the perfect temperature for your hot tub? This really depends on a number of factors! Here is a good way to decide what temperature your hot tub should be set on depending on who is enjoying it.


This temperature is perfect for summertime! Turn your hot tub into a small heated pool! This option will allow you to use it even in the hottest of our Florida Summers! So, turn down the temperatures and enjoy your “new” pool.

98° for the Kiddos

Hot tubbing is not recommended for children that are under the age of five and/or cannot stand in the deepest part of your hot tub. Having your children step out of the hot tub every ten minutes is a must to help keep their body temperatures in check. Setting a timer is an excellent way to remind of when cool down time is! Remember ten minutes in and ten minutes out when it comes to your kiddos! Always have water available for your kids to sip on while they wait for their ten minutes to pass. This will help them to replenish the water that they lose from sweating while in the hot tub.


Healthy adults can enjoy the higher temperatures! The water temperature is really just a personal choice preference. Women who are pregnant should avoid hot tubs unless cleared by their doctors. The same is true for people who have or have had health problems in the past. Always ask your doctor before entering a hot tub.

Idle Temps

When your hot tub is not in use, set your hot tub’s temperature 5° less than what you normally use it at. This will allow your hot tub to get up to temperature easily and help keep your electric bill down.