What the heck is a Swim Spa anyway?

You’ve heard the term “swim spa” before and it sounds like something you might be interested in, but you aren’t exactly sure what they are talking about. We put together some information to help you understand what a swim spa is and how it is different than a pool or a hot tub.

What is a Swim Spa?

In its most basic form, a swim spa is an above ground pool that has a swim current so you can continuously swim without having to turn or worry about running into walls. In its fullness, a swim spa is so much more than that. Read on to see all of the incredible features.

Is it a Pool?

Swim spas have a lot of the same features as a pool. They are a great place to enjoy the water with your family and they are the perfect place to swim for exercise. Swim spas are smaller than most swimming pools with an average size being around 15’ long and 7’ wide. The long, narrow size makes them great for swimming. They also feature a swim current that, when in use, continuously pushes water against you so you can swim in place for as long as you would like without having to turn. Swim spas also have a variety of accessories that you can add on, like rowing equipment and an underwater treadmill, so you can enjoy many different types of workouts in your swim spa. Because of their smaller size, swim spas require fewer chemicals and cost less to run and maintain than a traditional pool while still providing all of the fun and benefits of a pool.

Is it a Hot Tub?

The answer to that question is no and yes. A swim spa is not a hot tub as you can see from all of the pool features that we mentioned above. Endless Pools swim spas have a lot of the same features as a hot tub, they have jetted massage seats and can be heated to hot tub temperatures. A swim spa makes it easy to relax and recover after your workout, but can also be used anytime that you would traditionally use a hot tub. The number of seats and quality of jets is really quite impressive.

Swim Spas offer something for everyone. They are better than a pool, better than a hot tub, they are a swim spa. Call us today to schedule a test soak so you can try out an Endless Pools swim spa for yourself.