What’s the best time of the year to buy a hot tub?

It’s a question we hear a lot: “What’s the time of year to buy a hot tub?”

And the answer is: Whenever you find the deal that makes the most sense for you.

Because depending on what you’re looking for and what’s most important to you, you really can find great hot tub deals all year long. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a hot tub is an investment. An investment in your health, your wellness, your family. So you want to shop smart.


In the winter, you can almost always find a great sale on a hot tub. Watch your favorite dealers closely, and you’ll come across something that makes sense for you.

Spring and Summer

New models come out in the Spring and there is typically a large selection available in showrooms in Summer – national campaigns and blowout events can help you score a smoking deal during these months.


In the Fall, local dealers usually begin to clear out their inventories so they can make room for the next season’s models. You’ll find discounts on a lot of what they have in stock.


While your budget, and finding a spa that fits within it, is important – it’s also important you get a hot tub that really fits your needs. Watching for promotions and clearance sales can help you score features and accessories you might not have been able to purchase otherwise. Buying your hot tub from a local dealer you trust will also help you make sure you’re getting the features and accessories that make the most sense for you. After all, there are a lot of choices out there.

While you’re shopping for a hot tub deal, there’s one other thing to keep in mind: avoid the Craigslist temptation. Not only can you not be sure the hot tub you’re buying is in good operating condition, but you’ll still have to shell out for delivery and installation, unless you plan to do these things yourself. In short, that great deal might not be so great.

By purchasing from a local dealer like Florida Spa and Pool Warehouse, you can trust you’re getting a quality spa, backed by a warranty, that’s delivered to your home and installed where and how you want it.

So no matter the time of year, shop your local dealer for a hot tub. Good financing rates are almost always available, and you’ll be getting a deal from someone you can trust.