Why Can’t I Use Regular Salt in My Saltwater Spa?

Because soaking in mineral-rich seawater leaves your skin soft and silky, saltwater spas are the latest rage in the hot tub industry. If you’re ready to start soaking seaside in your new HotSprings hot tub, the Ace Saltwater Sanitization System is salt-water perfection.

Since all salts are not the same, always check with your hot tub dealer before adding salt to your spa. Because food grade salts are not as pure as pool and hot tub salt, you’re likely to have more complications than benefits if using incorrect salt.

Less Work, More Play

Overseeing your spa just became a whole lot easier with the Ace Saltwater System. Because the Ace System automatically generates a daily cleaning schedule, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of time required for optimal spa care and maintenance. By having a dependable and reliable spa treatment, you can spend more time focusing on your mental and physical well-being.

Environmentally Safe and Natural

The Ace Saltwater System is environmentally safe and natural. It cleans differently than traditional systems -controlling the water quality while at the same time eliminating by-products. The Ace Saltwater Sanitization System breaks down the water molecules creating powerful oxidizer while breaking down and removing unwanted bacteria and impurities.

  • Clean softer water -say goodbye to cloudy water and dank odors. Your spa water will look, feel, and smell great.
  • Sparkling clean spa water -that is sanitary and safe for the entire family.
  • Saves time & money -with less bottled products and less time on maintenance.
  • Unlike the traditional sanitization system -the Ace Saltwater eliminates dry skin, irritated eyes, and chlorine odors.

If you don’t have an Ace Water Sanitizing System, you’re missing out on a mineral-rich seawater hydrotherapy experience. Before you make the plunge, contact Florida & Pool Warehouse and schedule your wet soak today!